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Ruka Trek & Hard Trek Cafe

Kujalan Reindeer Farm

Tel. +358 (0)40 551 5927
Kemijärventie 131,
93800 Kuusamo

Experience the world of reindeer in Kujala Reindeer Farm – an authentic reindeer farm with long tradition of reindeer herding in the family. Experience farm life and join the early morning feeding of hundreds of reindeer! Hop on a magical reindeer sleigh-ride around the farm. Spend your evening searching for the northern lights with the reindeer or have a special wild food dinner in Kiela’s Kota. Hear the stories herding the reindeer, wild nature and wildlife. Enjoy the outdoors and learn about the ancient livelihood. Explore the handicraft workshop and boutique shopping high-quality reindeer products, handicrafts and art. Please book your visit in advance. Welcome to Kujala Reindeer Farm since 1860!

Palosaari Reindeer and Fishing Farm

Tel. +358 (0)40 589 1695
Meskusvaarantie 66,
93999 Kuusamo

Come be our guest and share a moment in the fascinating Finnish nature with reindeers and fishing, where we offer experiences all year round.
During the winter you can take a sledge ride with the reindeers, go icefishing, have a christmas party or take part on the reindeermen’s challenge. In the summer you can go fishing on the clear lakes nearby and enjoy the northern nature with all your senses.

Erä-Susi Oy – Huskies

Tel. +358 (0)40 570 0279
Rukajärventie 30,
93830 Rukatunturi

Experience an unforgettable journey through nature on a husky safari! Meet the friendly residents of our dog kennels and domestic animal farm! Also check out our summer and autumn schedule. Souvenir shop and cafe.

Isokenkäisten Klubi

Tel. +358 (0)400 972 260/
Katja Vira
Tel. +358 (0)40 706 6839/
Sirpa Kämäräinen
Heikinjärventie 3,
93800 Kuusamo 

Welcome to spend a holiday filled with tasty meals, bathing in a gentle smoke sauna, outdoor activities and a tranquil night of deep sleep.
We also have plenty of fun-filled activities to choose from – every season of the year. Activities for example Kotacooking – cooking by the fire, Ice racing with rally cars, Russian dinner on eastern border and Seven star smoke sauna.

The Klubi is situated by the peaceful and clear-water Lake Heikinjärvi – only two kilometres from the Russian border zone.