(Brändö, Ahvenanmaa)

The island of Lappo is located between mainland Finland and Ahvenanmaa about halfway through. The idyllic Lappo offers an unforgettable experience in an authentic island setting. The location of the island is a perfect resting stop for people traveling to Ahvenanmaa main island. You can also get to the Lappo island with a car via ferries ( From Turku, you can also get to the island with Buster Phantom Cabin boat, with a travel time of approx 1,5 hours through the beautiful archipelago (more info: Kari Tuomola, +358 (0)400 935 361,

The island has full service amenities right on the guest port. See more at:


Guesthouse Pellas offers homely accommodation in the guest port and in the nearby area.

  • Pellas guesthouse has 3 apartments for 3-6 people.
  • Three cottages for 2-4 people
  • The guest port has apartments Pellas 1 and Pellas 3 with a gorgeous view to the sea.

Pellas is open all year round and offers unforgettable experiences even when the autumn storms are rumbling!


Restaurant Galeasen offers a cosy seaside environment and delicious food in large portions made from fresh ingredients straight from the island. The restaurant is located in the guest port and is only open during the summer time (June-August).