Fishing Hut Puorkari

Outskirts of Luvia archipelago on the Puorkari island

Fishing Hut Puorkari

This idyllic fishing hut is located on the outskirts of Luvia archipelago on the Puorkari island, and right beside the nature reservoir of the Sea of Bothnia. There is no other huts or houses nearby, and when looking towards West there is a beautiful view and can almost see Sweden! The sunsets are also breathtaking! When looking North you can see the Säpi Lighthouse island. 

Theres two bunkbeds in the hut, which accommodates four people. The bed comes with duvets and pillows but no sheets or pillowcases. The same room also has dining space and a mini kitchen.

Theres tableware and cutlery for eight people. The kitchen comes with basic cooking equipment and a gas stove. There is also a fridge powered by gas. There is no running water into the hut, so you need to bring it with you. Water is available from the nearby Villa Poseidon free of charge. 

As a heater you have a stove in use, and as light you have atmospheric oil lamps and candles. There is an outside toilet. In the forest you can also find a small fire heated sauna, and there is awater container next to the stove so you can heat up your water for washing up. By the beach you can find a lounging area and a fire pit and equipment to cook smoked fish. 

There is a proper platform for boats, with a depth of 1.2m. The nearest spot for boats on the continent is Laitakari of Luvia, with traveling time of about 30 minutes depending on the boat and weather. 

Puorkari is the perfect spot for someone who enjoys nature, fishing, nature photography, and hunting, and really for everyone needing some peace and wind in their hair. 

Pets are allowed in this location. 

The hut is not available for rent between 1/12-31/3. 

Puorkari bookings and inquiries

The booking starts at 12 and ends at 12, unless we agree something else. 

More info and booking:
Arto Jalonen
t. +358 (0)400 591 563